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Enhance your cycling performance with a Bike-Fit service.

Hit those pedals comfortably with our 'bike fit' and physiotherapy review.

Do you love cycling, but have had a few injuries along the way? Or are you a cyclaholic, out on the road almost 24/7. In either case you need a cycling set-up and fitting.

How does a cycling set-up and fitting work?

Combine the knowledge and skill of our expert physiotherapists with bicycle fitting specialists and you have the magic cycling formula – a formula that ensures the most comfortable and biomechanically correct fit of each cyclist to their specific bicycle.

Once you’re correctly set-up, you’ll experience enhanced cycling performance – power and efficiency – and reduce the risk of cycling-related injuries.

Our bike fitting service is for all levels of athletes, from beginner to professional. And we apply specific variations for both road cyclists and triathletes because their mechanical demands and body positions are different when cycling.

Please bring these with you to your bike fit:

Basic Bike Fit screening

Our experts will perform a brief musculoskeletal screening to assess any individual issues you might have that need to be accommodated in the bike fit, such as asymmetries in your body alignment and inadequate flexibility. We’ll record a variety of static measures of both you and your bike to optimise the ‘fit’. Then we conduct a cycling video analysis to observe the current ‘fit’ of you and your bicycle, in a variety of cycling positions.

We combine the results of the screening, the video analysis, your bike geometry, and the biomechanical findings (joint angles in various cycling positions) to provide your optimal riding position. Note that any additional bike parts will have an added cost

Comprehensive 'Bike Fit' and physiotherapy review

Our comprehensive musculoskeletal screening involves the ‘basic bike fit’, but it also assesses your physical capabilities. These include your:

We take a complete history of your injuries and correlate this to your current bicycle set-up and the results of your individual physical screening.

Corrective exercises

We’ll then provide you with a series of specific corrective exercises, targeting the issues we’ve identified, such as inadequate flexibility, poor strength of your trunk, pelvis, and legs.

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Our practitioners can help solve the cause of your pain.

Balmain Sports Medicine has some of Australia’s top practitioners who are experts in sports medicine. If you have an injury or are experiencing pain, one of our expert practitioners can help.

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If you’re serious about your cycling, book a Bike Fit with Balmain Sports Medicine.​

Getting correctly fitted for your bike can save you from injuries and enhance your performance – two great reasons for calling us now.

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