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On a typical weekend I can be found at a playground running after my 2-year-old son, going to the zoo or going to the beach. I love the outdoors and generally moving. I regularly jump on my spin bike at home (a lockdown treat). I love to travel and seeing the world, and spending time with friends and family.

My special interests are spine related injuries, headaches, pregnancy, rehabilitation and Pilates.

I have loved learning and teaching Pilates over the years. I enjoy how Pilates integrates into the complete recovery of my patients, moving from the traditional hands-on physiotherapy all the way back to encouraging strength and function.

Please email me should you have any health matters that you would like to discuss at

Degree / Qualifications:

Bachelor of Physiotherapy-2004
Integrated Solutions for Head and Neck Pain 2019
Watson Headache Course, level 1 and level 2 2018
Advanced Upper Cervical Spine 2016
Complete Lumbar Spine and Pelvis 2015
Muscle Energy Techniques: Lumbar Spine & Pelvis 2011
Stability Plus Pilates 2014

  • mat, reformer, trapeze, ladder barrel/ chair certificates
  • Advanced practise/Master I structure certificate 
  • Stability Plus Pilates trainer

Memberships of Professional Associations

  • Australian Physiotherapy Association

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