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Women/Men's Health

Women/Men's Health

Women's Health

Women's Health physiotherapy helps manage and treat issues specific to women and men through their life stages - from young women, through the child-bearing years, to mid-life and beyond menopause.

Our Women's Health Physiotherapist, Polly Levinson, has worked in the specialty area of Women's Health since 2012, and also works part-time at the Royal Hospital for Women in Randwick.

Polly Levinson, specialises in treating:

  • musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction during and after pregnancy (symphysitis pubis, pelvic girdle pain, sacroiliac joint pain, tailbone pain, abdominal muscle separation, back pain, hip pain, hand and wrist pain)
  • post natal pelvic floor and abdominal muscle assessment and advice on safe return to exercise
  • birth-related pelvic floor trauma
  • mastitis and blocked milk ducts
  • continence issues affecting both the bladder and bowel (women and men)
  • constipation (women and men)
  • prolapse
  • pessary fittings to manage pelvic organ prolapse
  • chronic pelvic pain (women and men)
  • intercourse pain
  • assessment and treatment pre and post gynaecological surgery
  • assessment and treatment pre and post prostate surgery

In most cases of pelvic floor dysfunction, an internal vaginal examination is needed for accurate diagnosis and individualised treatment planning. This will be discussed with Polly during your initial consult.

Polly sees many women who are keen to return safely to exercising after having a baby and she recommends a postnatal return to exercise assessment, from six weeks post natal. Polly can send a report to your trainer if requested.

Babies and small children are welcome to attend appointments.

Men's Health Physiotherapy

With overwhelming evidence supporting physiotherapy and pelvic floor muscle training post prostate surgery, Polly has completed further training and is now helping men with bladder and bowel dysfunction, pelvic pain, erectile dysfunction and pelvic floor muscle training.

Research shows that for men undergoing radical prostatectomy or TURP, seeing a pelvic physiotherapist in the month prior to their surgery and again post-operatively, for assessment and individualised treatment with pelvic floor muscle training reduces the time it takes to regain continence. Polly uses real-time ultrasound to assess your pelvic floor muscle function and teach you how to use it correctly. 

No GP or specialist referral is required to see Polly, however if you do have a referral, please bring it with you to your appointment.

You may be able to claim through Medicare if your GP has referred you under a "GP Management Plan".

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