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Your feet carry all your weight so when they have problems it’s important to get the right diagnosis and treatment for them.

Our podiatrists specialise in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of biomechanical-related injuries to the lower limb – the area between your knee and your ankle – for both sporting people and others.

Sports Podiatry

Our podiatrists use the latest in biomechanical computer software to assess the alignment and function of your musculoskeletal system while you walk and run. They use a series of functional exercises to identify the biomechanical factors related to your injury. These include:

Pelvic instability​

This can cause problems with your movement and balance.

Excessive movement​

Excessive movement of bone(s) in your foot and lower limb.

Increased stress​

A pressure overload on a bone or soft tissue structure that leads to increased stress.

One limb longer or shorter​

A pressure overload on a bone or soft tissue structure that leads to increased stress.

Over or under pronation of the foot​

Pronation is a normal mechanism of the foot, where you land on your heel, then roll onto the inside of the foot, to finally push off the big toe & step forwards. If you roll too far (over-pronation), you flatten out your arch, and if you don’t roll enough (under pronation) when landing or pushing off, your foot rolls outward, and puts added pressure on your ankles and toes.

General Podiatry

When you walk, your foot absorbs approximately approximately 3-4 times your body weight with each step. The skin on the sole of your foot thickens and develops a hard protective layer on areas that absorb the highest pressures.


When hard skin becomes too thick, it can crack, or create a burning pain under your foot. If the pressure becomes more localised and / or the skin rubs, this can cause a painful corn to develop.


Our podiatrists will gently remove the hardened layers of the skin, and any callouses or corns, using a pain-free method. This allows the softer skin underneath to mature.


They will advise you on the type of footwear you should use to minimise the risk of the problem recurring.


It’s very common to ignore your toenails unless they have problems, such as bruising, thickening or ingrowing, which can be very painful – even at night, in bed.

Early intervention​

Our professional podiatrists know that it’s vital for early intervention to manage ingrown toenails and prevent infection. And there are many non-invasive methods they can use to treat your ingrown toenails.

Nail surgery​

But if your ingrown toenails have ongoing problems, nail surgery – performed under a local anaesthetic – may be necessary.

Early intervention strategies

To prevent your injury becoming more serious and debilitating, our expert podiatrists devise early intervention strategies to stabilise and correct the biomechanical factors involved. These may include:

Repetitive exercise

The repetitive nature of exercise and sport on your lower limb structures (bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments), and small inefficiencies or errors in your alignment and movement can lead to the development of overuse injuries.

Overuse injuries include shin splints and muscle tendonitis. If these are left untreated, they can develop into stress fractures to the bones that are involved.

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