Our expert physiotherapists are here to help you feel stronger, better and faster.

Sydney's largest and best sports medicine facility.

We have some of Australia’s  best physiotherapists on staff, including APA Sports physiotherapists, Pilates-qualified physiotherapists, and more with specialist training. So you’ll have the right treatment – from assessment to diagnosis and your personalised rehabilitation program – to see you safely back on deck.

A refined and caring approach.

Everything we do for you is with care and concern. We ask you questions. We listen to you. We analyse, and we examine you. Then we recommend. For example:

We ask questions​

We ask you questions to ensure we really understand your pain.

We listen

We listen to your explanation of what happened, what you were doing at the time.

We analyse, and examine​

We carefully analyse the cause of your pain, then conduct a physical examination to confirm.

We recommend​

We recommend the best course of treatment for you.

Your physiotherapist may use a variety of treatment methods.

Physiotherapy can address a wide range of muscular and skeletal issues that cause you pain and discomfort. Depending on your particular issue or the extent of your injury, you physiotherapist may use a variety of techniques, exercised and methods to address the problem.

Joint mobilisation​

Slow movement of your injured joint within its normal range of movement.

Muscle stretching​

Gradually stretching your painful muscle to improve its elasticity.

Joint manipulation ​

A rapid single movement to help restore the normal function of your joint.

Soft tissue mobilisation​​

Used to relax your painful muscles and promote their healing.

Taping and bracing​

Both methods restrict the movement of your joint to encourage its healing.

Balance exercises​

Exercises, such as for lower body strength, can improve your balance.


Pilates helps to balance your body through core strength, flexibility and awareness.

Muscle strengthening

We design exercises to improve your muscle groups and restore their strength.

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Our practitioners can help solve the cause of your pain.

Balmain Sports Medicine has some of Australia’s top practitioners who are experts in sports medicine. If you have an injury or are experiencing pain, one of our expert practitioners can help.


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