Shoulder Pain

Good shoulder function is essential for many popular sports.

Our expert physiotherapists are here to help you feel stronger, better, faster.

The shoulder joint is a unique design. It consists of a shallow ball and socket formation between the humerus (ball) and the scapula (socket). This structure provides incredible mobility; however, this also means that the stability can be compromised, as it is frequently injured in sporting and occupational activities. The shoulder joint relies on its static constraints (the glenohumeral ligaments, glenoid labrum and capsule) and dynamic stabilisers (the rotator cuff muscles) to provide additional stability beyond the bony structure.

Don’t let joint or muscle pain hold you back.

We’ll help assess the cause of your pain.

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Denise Berg

I am a mum to 2 beautiful girls! I enjoy a weekly game of netball at Five Dock and lunching with ‘the girls’ on a ...
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Alina Puang

I can usually be found by water when not at work, whether it be swimming, diving, stand up paddling, or just laying by it ...
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Gavan Sticka

I am lucky enough to live in beautiful Five Dock Bay / Russell Lea. I enjoy all sports and have played many but fell in ...
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Polly Levinson

I am a Rozelle local and enjoy cycling around town with my family on the weekends. I love to run and my goal is to ...
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Mark Stockdale

Mark brings over 25 years of physiotherapy experience to Balmain Sports Medicine, 17 of those as a director of a busy inner ...
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Kirsty Wall

On a typical weekend I can be found at a playground running after my 2-year-old son, going to the zoo or going to the beach. ...
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Kristen Witt

Growing up in Melbourne, I was often seen in the gym or on the basketball court either playing, refereeing, or coaching. Since ...
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Gabby Giannakos

When not at work, I can be found exploring the outdoors, whether that be hiking, trail running, or relaxing at the beach. I love going ...
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Dr Nav Aggarwal

Dr Nav Aggarwal is an Australian trained Orthopaedic Surgeon subspecialising in hand, wrist and microsurgery. He completed his ...
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Dr Adam Woodbridge

Dr Woodbridge graduated from Medicine at the University of Sydney in 2004 before completing internship and residency at Royal ...
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Dr John Trantalis

I enjoy playing some golf when I can or whenever I am allowed out! On the weekends I enjoy having some good food and ...
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Dr Timothy Yeoh

Dr Timothy Yeoh is an Australian trained Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in surgery of the shoulder and knee. He is known ...
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Dr Scott Burne

I thoroughly enjoy my work as a Sport and Exercise Physician. It certainly helps. I am so passionate about sport. I have followed most ...
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Dr. Bikram Karmakar

I am passionate about sport, exercise and health. I am privileged to be working in a career that encompasses all of these. It is ...
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Trent Salkavich

Having played and coached tennis at an elite level, Trent understands the time and performance pressures of an athlete and ...
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Emily Smith

I enjoy sports such as hockey, running and field sports. I love helping all active people to live an active lifestyle! Please email ...
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Sigrid Dawson

Growing up in the scenic Blue Mountains, I’ve always had a passion for the great outdoors, spending my weekends going for ...
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Jack Su

I moved to Balmain from Auckland in 2015 and I fell in love with the village feel of Balmain. I feel Sydney is a bright, ...
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Laura Atterton

I enjoy the great outdoors and spend most of my free time exploring Sydney. As well as keeping myself fit, I also love ...
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Cass Martin-Smith

Cassandra is a passionate alternative health professional with extensive experience in Aerial Arts Instruction and Gymnastic ...
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Nicole Robertson

Coming from a competitive sporting background from a young age, I developed a passion for the human body and movement. I enrolled ...
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Carla-Jo Cutrupi

Growing up in a sporting household, Carla-Jo has always been passionate about sport and activity. Needing to work hard to ...
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Pete Repeti

I have worked as a Tradesman for many years and in various other industries but decided in 2019 to pursue my passion for sports...
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Cristtopher Mengatto

Coming from Brazil, I grew up in a family where everyone always practiced some kind of sport and with that since I was a ...
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Roberto Vita

Since a child, Roberto always played and loved sports. He grew up in Messina, Sicily, where he played water polo ...
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