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Ski Fit

Ski Fit - Podiatry

Balmain Sports Medicine is offering a new service this winter - a personalised OrthoSki Fit Assessment by a qualified podiatrist and ski instructor.

A top down structural analysis and fit assessment aimed at resolving the underlying issues with your equipment rather than applying Band-Aid solutions for your skiing symptoms.
Whether you are an aggressive, all-mountain skier or just looking to cruise the groomers, our ski podiatry service will benefit everyone who enjoys their skiing. A properly fitted and aligned boot may be the key to making the next leap in your skiing.

Due to the hard plastic shell and fixed foot position, there is little margin for error in a ski boot when you are standing in it for six hours a day. Unlike running shoes, nine out of ten ski boots in your size will be downright uncomfortable - and the correct boot still requires adjustments to fit you correctly. This is where a biomechanical boot assessment and alignment is essential for ensuring your feet can do their job when you are on holidays in the mountains.

Boot fitting is an art form. We combine knowledge, understanding and a whole lot of experience to make the magic work for you. Interpreting your individual combination of foot shape, biomechanics, skiing style and level of experience is key to getting the ski boot set up for you.

Our OrthoSki boot service will provide you with the right balance between comfort and performance in your boots. We want you to love skiing in the mountains as much as we do.

Have you reached a learning plateau or noticed any of these symptoms when hitting the slopes?

  • skierFatigue or pain more on one side of the body
  • Excessively cold feet
  • Excessively tired feet
  • Numbness in toes or feet
  • Cramping in your arches
  • Shin pain
  • Favouring one side when you turn
  • Lower back pain
  • Lingering knee pain

Services offered:

  • Biomechanical and structural analysis
  • Pre boot-purchase assessment and referral
  • Review of current boots for suitability
  • Ski orthotics
  • Boot modifications

The Process

The initial consult will involve complete lower limb biomechanical assessment (hip, knee, ankle and foot). You will also be asked many questions about your skiing, ski equipment and any previous problems. So, come prepared to talk all things skiing and relay any gruesome stories about bony bumps, blistered shins, fallen-off toe nails or previous problems that become your black hole of pain.

If you are looking to purchase new boots, an OrthoSki Fit Assessment prior to buying will make sure your purchase suits your body's biomechanics. We have a great relationship with Larry Adler Ski and Outdoor who have invaluable knowledge about the latest retail options when purchasing boots..

Why is this different to a boot fit in a ski shop?

A podiatry OrthoSki Fit Assessment uses knowledge of how the body works to assess your individual needs and ensure your equipment works in synergy with you. By identifying the underlying cause of your symptoms in a ski boot, you get an improved fit and performance in your skiing. You can also claim this service on your private health cover.

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In addition to being a podiatrist, Krista is a Master BootFitter and has worked in the ski industry for over a decade both in Australia and overseas as a boot fitter, certified ski instructor and massage therapist. Being a qualified podiatrist, she is able to combine knowledge of the structure and biomechanics of the body with specific ski movements and equipment requirements, giving you the best performance and comfort while skiing. Most importantly, she loves skiing and wants to help you develop a committed and meaningful relationship with skiing too.  Krista also writes a blog with information to get the most out of your skiing. Please click here to check it out.

To Book An Appointment

Krista is available every Friday afternoon and Saturday morning so please call our reception on p: 9818 1004 to book your preferred day/time.



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