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Psychologists specialise in our mental health and wellbeing and enable us to live a more meaningful life. Psychologists provide their expertise by assessing and diagnosing a range of problems, developing strategies and treatments, and offering guidance and support.

They will liaise with other health professionals, including your referring doctor/physiotherapist to provide a comprehensive analysis and mental health plan in conjunction with your physical wellbeing. Exercise and physical wellness are central tenants of most psychological treatment and mental health, thus the disciplines of Physiotherapy and Psychology complement each other extremely well.

Brain Langsworth, our in-house Psychologist, has a diverse background. Starting his adult working life as an actor and performer, he worked in the Performing Arts industry for over a decade until, finding the travel too much for his young, growing family, he returned to university to pursue a career in Psychology, his other passion. Since graduating with Honours, Brian has accrued over ten years' experience as a Performance Psychologist and Coach, working with individuals to imrpove personal wellbeing, performance and effectiveness.

In the past few years, he has worked with a range of athletes from a number of disciplines, as well as facilitated programs building capability in Individuals and Organisations in managing mental health issues and building resilience both within and outside of work.

Services Offered include:

  • Performance Coaching
  • Career Counselling
  • Goal Setting
  • Managing Stress and Building Resilience
  • Managing Anxiety and Depression
  • Building Assertiveness and Communication and/or Presentation skills
  • Managing Pain

Depending on your presenting issue, a doctor's referral may or may not be required to see our Psychologist. Please speak to reception.

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