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BSM Run Pro

The pure aim of this ’12 week’ specialist running program is to improve your technical running, assist you to run some PBs and allow you to enjoy some group training with other like-minded runners. Designed by Tim Devlin, a keen runner and BSM physiotherapist, in conjunction with Jon Fong (Morph Performance), it will allow you to build throughout this year’s running season, commencing with the Bay Run (Sunday 6 Aug; 7km), City to Surf (Sunday 13 Aug; 14km) and the Sydney Running Festival (Sunday 17 Sep; 10km, half / full marathons).

Suitable for all running levels / ages, we will show you by training smarter and adding some simple technical running techniques, how you can improve your quality of training, and in turn, improve your performance without adding more stress to your bodies.

Sounds good right?

Please see further details below how to book / pay for your place in the program:

Physiotherapist: Tim Devlin
Training Day: 6.30am - 7.30am, Saturday mornings
Where: Leichhardt Oval No 3 (start / finish line for the Bay Run)
Start Date: Saturday 1 July 2017
Duration: 12 weeks 
Cost: $120
To Book / Pay: please call Balmain Sports Medicine on p: 9818 1004

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