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14 - 20 July, 2019

The Unite Health method is divided into three streams of education; Matwork, Equipment and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Pilates courses. The Matwork and Equipment instructor training courses lay the foundations that we will later build upon in the CPD courses. In the former courses, learn how Pilates can shape recovery and aid in your clients rehabilitation and how it can be applied to your current practice. The latter gives qualified APPI Pilates practitioners the chance to extend themselves and their learning with specialist clinical Pilates courses designed for runners, cyclists and ante and post natal women.

We don’t just offer Pilates courses for physios; our courses are available to a large number of qualified and soon to be qualified professionals including exercise physiologists, osteopaths, sports therapists, chiropractors, rehabilitation therapists, doctors, myotherapists/ massage therapists & physiotherapy students at venues across the country in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Contact Unite Health Management today and learn how you can discover a new career, or enhance your skill set to strengthen your position in the market. Our professional Pilates courses for physiotherapists are offered in most capital cities. Call our head office Melbourne today on (03) 9981 1860 and discover the method for yourself!


Practical hands on learning designed by Australian Physiotherapists specifically for use in the clinical setting. Our clinical Pilates courses for physiotherapists will deepen your understanding of the human body and teach you specialist skills to make you even more valuable to clients and potential employers. Our specialist physio courses are available at varying times at across our venues in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Refer to our course schedule to find out when you can enrol.

The Pilates Institute of Queensland is a Pilates training organization offering Pilates instructor training courses to Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Fitness Instructors.
Our Pilates Instructor courses have been designed by physiotherapists. We apply the science of contemporary research and physiotherapy techniques to Pilates Instructor courses.
Our courses are accredited with industry bodies including:

  • Australian Physiotherapy Association - APA
  • Exercise and Sports Science  Australia - ESSA
  • Fitness Australia

We run Pilates:

  • Matwork courses
  • Pilates equipment courses
  • Small apparatus – Balls Bands, Rings and Rollers
  • Master classes focusing on specific rehabilitation conditions
  • Master classes focusing on specific sports and dance
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