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Functional Movement Course

Saturday 06 April 2019   |   09:00am - 05:00pm

This is NOT JUST another course telling you movement is important or showing you some new exercises but a course about PEOPLE who move and how to actually apply movement and exercise to them in an informed way. You could describe it as a clinical reasoning for exercise and rehab! It is NOT about the BEST exercise for back pain, a system or a protocol but instead what might work for YOUR patient.

Many therapists struggle taking modern academia around pain and movement and translate it into practical application. This course will outline how to simply apply both physical & cognitively driven components for a therapeutic approach based around HUMANS rather than simply their structures. Click here for more information on this course and see below for how to register.

Presenter: Ben Cormack from Cor Kinetic

Website: https://cor-kinetic.com/physio/

Booking Procedure: Via website above

Location BSM - Physio Gym/ Pilates Studio


104-108 Victoria Road, Rozelle
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