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Bay Run


The Bay Run fun run is one of Sydney’s favourite community fun runs. It’s objective is to bring people of all ages together to promote and enjoy health, fun and exercise. The event is an 8km fun run (or walk) around the beautiful Iron Cove, making it an ideal 'warm up' race for other fun runs like the City to Surf or Blackmores Sydney Running Festival held in September each year.

The event is run by Dobroyd Point Public School and sees approximately 1100 runners compete in either the main 8km race (run or walk), or the rapidly expanding 2km Primary School Challenge, where kids compete for individual and school prizes!  You can also help raise money for CanTeen, a charity that gives help to kids with cancer.

BSM has been a gold sponsor of the event since 2010! On race day, our staff provide the offfical 'race warm up' (always a good party tune!) and then 10-12 tables at our marquee for a range of 'post race' services, where our practitioners (physio, podiatry, massage) provide you with free advice, recovery massage and our famous ice bins! Additionally, we have our own 'in-house' 2 team competition (50 odd staff and patients) within the race to see who wins the annual trophy & has bragging rights for the year!

For all registrations and further details for this year's event, please go to the Bay Run website.

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  • Balmain Wolverines Netball Club
  • AAPE Education
  • Oceanswims.com
  • balmaintouch
  • Pace Athletic
  • ATEC
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