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September 2016


  • ‘Mums and Bubs Pilates’ is starting up at BSM on the 10th October. Call reception on 9818 1004 to book an assessment with Women’s Health Physio Anna Scammell.

  • James Rees joins our Physiotherapy Team having relocated from Brisbane with his wife. James has previously worked at Queensland Sports Medicine Centre and a number of Elite sporting teams.

  • Sports Dr’s Dr Scott Burne and Dr Angus Bathgate have finished their duty at the Rio Olympics where they were working with the Australian Rugby Sevens Teams. Angus has returned to work at BSM with Scott joining us next week.

  • ‘How Bedtime Affects your BMI’ by Emma Sutherland Naturopath. No matter what your age, too little sleep and too late bedtimes may results in weight gain. It has been shown that quality of sleep is very much linked to metabolism and any disruption could lead to weight gain in the long run. (See full article here)


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