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August 2016

  • The BSM team will be busy throughout August with the upcoming Oxfam Trailwalker 100km to be held over 19 - 21 August. As the medical provider for the event, we provide the education for the event, as well as providing physio, podiatry and massage services down at checkpoint 3, at Bobbin Head. 
  • Sports Recovery Pack - Look after your soft tissues and get on top of your recovery with our Recovery Sports Pack. This includes a spike massage ball, foam roller and stretchband. On special this month for only $65, that's 20% of the RRP.
  • Sports Physios James Sutherland and Craig Gregory were busy last weekend at the Australian Triathlon Cycling and Endurance (ATEC) Expo. The BSM marquee was busy with free massages, musculoskeletal screenings, attendees trying out the the Recovery Pump and picking up some recovery tools.
  • Before returning to higher impact excerise, such as running, it is a good idea to have a post natal assessment with women's health physiotherapist. There are many individual factors, such as type of birth, prenatal fitness level, an assessment of your pelvic joints, deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. (See full article here)

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