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July 2016

  • Take advantage of the BSM membership offer and rececive a 20% discount on your online tickets for the ATEC Expo taking place on the 23 - 24 July. Book and save here! Promo code: ATEC16BSM. See, feel and test the products amd services that will boost your racing performance at the only multi-sport exhibition in Australia, attracting triathletes, endurance athletes and multi-sport enthusists. 
  • The Friday Physiotherapist Stephanie Cummins is off on a well deserved 2 month holiday around Europe. Stephanie has been with us since January 2015 and has worked solidily for the last 18 months or so. Stephanie will be back on deck at BSM on Tuesday 30th August. We also welcome back Sports Podiatrist Emily Smith, who returns to BSM to consult on Thursdays.
  • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: by Stephanie Cummins Physiotherapist - With the running season in full swing and people ramping up their training, it is important to understand the risk factors for specific overuse injuries. Whether you are braving the Oxfam 100km or training for the City2Surf and you are experiencing pain, you could be suffering from Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. (Full article)
  • Running Pressure: The painful truth about chronic exertional compartment syndrome - By Dr Scott Burne Sports Physician - Mis-diagnosis of exertional lower leg pain continues to be a significant proelm for many runners. Despite the distinctive featires - CECS - persists as an under recognised and debilitating condition that literally stops runners in their tracks. (Full article)

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