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April 2016


  • Our new Pilates term bookings have commenced. We have more sessions, more instructors and more equipment available. You can now book a full term or book on a casual basis.
  • The Australian Triathlon Endurance and Cycling Expo, The Dome, Sydney Showgrounds 23-24 July. The ATEC Expo is the only multi sport exhibition in Australia, attracting triathletes, endurance athletes, multi-sport enthusiasts.
  • How to best use massage to get a PB in running: Wheter you're a novice, social 'weekend warrior' or an Olympic Runner, masage is a good compliment and benefit that should be built into your training program. (Read the full article available on our newsletter)
  • Stress Fractures of The Lower Limb, by Brett Kemble Sports Physiotherapist:  Joggers suffer from stress fracture from time to time. This may seem surprising as weight bearing activity is considered a preventitive strategy to reduce osteoporosis and bone fragility. (Read the full article available on our newsletter)


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