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Bike Fit

Cycling Set-Up and Fitting

This unique service combines the knowledge and skill of physiotherapists and bicycle fitting specialists working together to ensure the most comfortable and biomechanically correct fit of each individual to their specific bicycle. Once correctly set-up, it will enhance your cycling performance (ie power and efficiency) and reduce the risk of cycling-related injuries.

The bike fitting service offered below is aimed at all levels of athlete, from the beginner to the professional, with specific variations applied for both the road cyclist and the triathlete, as their mechanical demands and body positions are different when cycling.

If you have a history of cycling related injuries or you are taking your cycling seriously, then the comprehensive 'bike fit' and physiotherapy review is suggested. Please bring the following to the bike fit:

  • Bicycle
  • Cycling shoes (including orthoses if applicable)
  • Cycling shorts and jersey

Basic 'Bike Fit' (Cycling Video Analysis and Musculoskeletal Screening)

A brief musculoskeletal screening is performed to assess any individual issues that need to be accommodated in the bike fit, such as asymmetries in body alignment and inadequate flexibility. A variety of static measures of both the bike and the athlete are recorded, so as to optimise the 'fit' between the athlete and their bike.

A cycling video analysis is conducted to observe the current 'fit' of you and your bicycle in a variety of cycling positions. The fitting process is then conducted by combining the results of the screening, video analysis, bike geometry and the biomechanical findings (joint angles in various cycling positions) to provide your optimal riding position. Any additional bike parts will have an added cost.

Comprehensive 'Bike Fit' & Physiotherapy Review

A comprehensive musculoskeletal screening involves the 'basic bike fit' above, but additionally, it assesses a person's physical capabilities including their individual static posture, anatomical body alignment, dynamic joint mobility, flexibility and measures of lumbo-pelvic 'core / trunk' strength. A complete injury history is taken and this is correlated to their current bicycle set-up and the results of their individual physical screening. A series of specific corrective exercises is then provided to the athlete targeting their identified issues, such as inadequate flexibility and / or poor strength of the trunk / pelvis / legs.


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