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The ABC's of the ACL

Saturday 25 July 2020   |   08:30am - 04:30pm

Spend a weekend with Mick Hughes learning how to manage non-op ACL and ACLR patients, all the way from injury through to return to sport!

About this Event:

This 2-day workshop contains both lecture and practical learning experiences to help you become a competent and confident health professional dealing with ACL injured populations.

Workshop details are as follows:

Day 1 - 8.30am - 4.30pm

1) ACL injury overview: Mechanisms/Epidemiology (lecture)
2) ACL Injury prevention programs (lecture and practical)
3) Nonoperative ACL treatment options (lecture and case study)
4) Pre-op ACLR rehabilitation (lecture and practical)
5) Elite athlete ACLR rehab case study (lecture)

Day 2 - 8.30am - 4.30pm

6) Using social media/telehealth to improve rehabilitation outcomes (lecture)
7) Post-op ACLR rehab guidelines (lecture and practical)
8) Return to running following ACLR (case study and practical)
9) Return to training following ACLR (case study and practical)
10) Return to sport following ACLR assessment and testing (lecture and practical)

Learning objectives:

1) Understand common ACL injury mechanisms and which populations are at great risk of ACL injury and 2nd ACL injuries

2) Understand the key components to ACL injury prevention programs and how to effectively design and implement your own sport-specific program

3) Understand the literature on non-operative management of ACL injury, what the outcomes are, and who is appropriate for this treatment option

4) Understand what high-quality pre-op and post-op ACLR rehabilitation should entail, and how to prescribe effective pre-op and post-op rehabilitation programs

5) Understand the literature on discharge testing following ACLR to lower the risk of 2nd ACL injuries

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Cost: $650

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