Sometimes performance psychology will get you through a mentally challenging time.

It’s important that you are mentally healthy as well as physically healthy.

Sometimes it’s that voice in your head that can affect your sports performance. Imposter syndrome appears in all walks of life and it can pull the rug from under your feet and steal your ability to function at an optimal level. And anxiety, depression and stress can eat away at your self-confidence. Getting psychological help can enable you to live a more meaningful life and handle challenges along the way.

What does our psychologist do for you?


They’ll liaise with other health professionals, including your referring doctor or physiotherapist, to provide a comprehensive analysis of your situation.

Provide a mental health plan​

They’ll provide you with a mental health plan in conjunction with your physical well-being.

Physiotherapy and psychology complement each other

Exercise and physical wellness are central tenets of most psychological treatment and mental health. Thus the disciplines of physiotherapy and psychology complement each other very well.

Our psychologist helps with many issues

Our performance psychologist will work with you to improve your personal health, well-being, performance and effectiveness. With extensive experience in working with people struggling with life stressors and those who have work issues, he’s also worked with those suffering from anxiety and depression.

Improving mental performance for athletes

Improved mental performance for athletes can improve their physical performance and resilience.


Our psychologist uses a client-centred, solution-oriented approach in his counselling sessions, and sees clients on both a short-term and long-term basis.

Cognitive behaviour therapies​

He mainly uses primarily Cognitive Behaviour Therapies – in particular, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy.

Our expert psychologist has experience in designing and facilitating programs that give people and organisations the ability to manage mental health issues, and build resilience, both within and outside of work. Our psychological services include:

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Our practitioners can help solve the cause of your pain.

Balmain Sports Medicine has some of Australia’s top practitioners who are experts in sports medicine. If you have an injury or are experiencing pain, one of our expert practitioners can help.

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If you have doubts or worries about your sports performance, or other issues, book a session with our psychologist.​

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