Your body needs healthy nutrition to fuel your active lifestyle.

The right diet improves your health and well-being for the long term.

The saying ‘you are what you eat’ has been around for years, and it still holds true today. Fill your body with unhealthy food, and you feel sluggish, tired and unable to cope with many of the stresses and situations life throws at you.

The right nutrition advice

Improving your individual health and well-being for the demands of daily life and exercise is dependent on you receiving  optimal nutrition advice, and our experienced dietitian provides that advice to you. A healthy diet should be enjoyable, realistic, practical and sustainable in the long term.

Our aim

Our aim is to take our knowledge of food, eating behaviours and sports nutrition strategies and help you to adapt them to fit your individual circumstances. In order to provide an exciting, all-round approach to nutrition and dietary choices, we conduct sessions in a variety of ways:

Achieving body composition goals

Athletes and active individuals have a range of priorities when it comes to body composition.

Bulking up​

For power and strength.

Losing fat mass​

Losing fat mass and total body mass for speed and agility.

Low body weight​

Maintaining a low body weight while recovering from an injury.

Although genetics and training play important roles in achieving your desired physique, you need a comprehensive assessment to determine your requirements, and on which we can base recommendations.

Advice on your macronutrient intake (carbohydrates, protein, fats), your timing and frequency of eating and your use of supplements will all vary, depending on your body composition goals and your total daily energy expenditure.

Nutrition for optimal athletic performance

Our sports dietitians help to optimise nutrition and hydration practices so you can maximise your performance. We’ll work closely with you to determine:

One size certainly does not fit all with our recommendations. Variations among athletes who compete in the same sports is common.

Special Dietary Requirements

Special dietary requirements are necessary for a range of medical and health-related issues, such as:

These issues often go undiagnosed and require closer monitoring to prevent nutritional deficiencies. Don’t restrict your intake or avoid certain food groups without the guidance of our sports dietitian, as other long term health complications (osteoporosis, infertility and so on) may be at risk.

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For Dietetics advice, we'd recommend Nicole Dynan the 'Gut Health Dietitian' and her experienced team of Dietitians whom we've worked with over the last 20 years.

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