Ashleigh James



About Ashleigh


I am personally motivated by the constant aim to do my best both in my academics and sport while also having fun doing it. I am also highly motivated by the prospect of being able to contribute to a team/group outcome and help in any way possible. My sporting goals are to continue to play at a representative level including through university and make a meaningful contribution to the success of my team. I also aim to maintain a high level of overall health and performance through the mixture of different disciplines (such as dietetics, gym, strength training, and physio) in order to remain competitive on the field. BSM was instrumental in helping me become more aware of the importance and positive impact these disciplines can have. My ultimate goal however is to be a physiotherapist and maybe even work with multiple sporting teams as it would enable me to help people to help themselves through good movement – something I am passionate about and know is a core value of BSM. 

Why become a BSM Ambassador?

My personal perspective regarding persistence in the face of injury is one of the main reasons for my interest in the BSM Ambassador Program. Despite encountering a sporting injury, early in my playing life, I have not let it define me and persevered in continuing to play representative soccer. During this journey, I have learned the importance of holistic and sustainable rehabilitation, which BSM has been a significant part of. In addition, I loved my work experience at BSM and see it as a business committed to holistic health. As such, I would value the opportunity to represent BSM in a formal sense, as an ambassador. I have enjoyed my opportunities to be a leader in school, football, and in the community and believe that this ambassadorship would give me a chance to continue my leadership growth. 

Athletic Achievements

  • Selected for the Sydney Metropolitan East Rep Soccer team
  • Selected for the UNSW under 17’s National Premier League Team 2021
  • One of 3 players retained for the UNSW under 20’s National Premier League Team 2022

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